Lighting technology: a guide for television, film, and theatre

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LED light strips are long strains of LED lights that are typically able to change to various colors and some are dimmable. These are absolutely not necessary, but they look very cool and can add a great effect to your room. Modern LED strips are controlled by remote controls and many have added smart functionality.

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They are controllable via a smartphone app, smart home bridges, and voice assistants ie. Amazon Alexa, Google Home, etc. You can turn them on and off by simply speaking to your voice assistant.

LED strips are extremely versatile in how they can be used. Some can be cut to length, which allows them to fit exactly as needed for the specific use chosen. So, if you want a cosmetic addition to your home theater lighting, then definitely consider adding LED light strips. They are typically installed in a black ceiling and set to a white color, however, many have RGB coloring. Fiber optic lighting is definitely not meant for all home theater rooms, it really depends on the layout and structure of the room.

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It will be more of a headache than initially intended. Here is a great tutorial written by Aron Hoekstra. He gives step by step instructions on how he designed and built his fiber optic ceiling. And it looks outstanding! Seat-side lamps are nice if you have end tables on each side of the chairs in your home theater. They are a nice, affordable, and an easily installable option for any home theater.

But if you have overhead lighting or sconces then lamps are not really necessary. I would suggest using some type of smart integration to easily turn on your room lights. Read more to learn about the different methods for controlling the lights. With smart home devices becoming more and more popular, the different devices necessary for smart home integration are steadily lowering in price. Now is a great time to invest in different smart home lighting solutions. There are various types of smart lighting solutions, such as dimmable wall controls, dimmable and RGB light bulbs and light strips, and much more.

Next, we will discuss the best methods for using smart lighting within your home theater to provide the most immersive experience possible!

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And remember, no one solution works for everyone, there are tons of different options available. Smart wall dimmers and switches control the lights connected to standard light switches. These smart devices usually connect to a smart hub or directly to the wifi, depending on the model used. Once integrated, the lights can be turned on and off or dimmed if using dimmable bulbs by using an app, voice assistant, or even automatically by turning on your home theater system. Installing one of these is fairly simple because it uses all of the current wires!

First, read the instructions for installing the switch or dimmer. Then simply flip the breaker for the specific room to shut off the power. After that, you will need to connect it to your smart bridge or voice assistant. I have had it for well over a year now and it still works without any issues!

I highly suggest adding these to your home theater or other areas of your home. They are super convenient and a great introduction to smart home technology. Smart light bulbs are normal light bulbs but have the smart technology built into them. No fancy light switch necessary. Smart light bulbs are very similar to smart wall dimmers and switches because they connect to a smart hub or directly to wifi. They are controlled through an app, voice assistant, or through specific events. They come in many different color temperatures, sizes, and styles.

It is possible to qualify as a lighting technician by doing a vocational qualification or a degree. Degree subjects such as electrical engineering or physics may be useful for the technical side.

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  5. There are specialist degree courses in:. Useful A level subjects include maths, physics, design and technology and computing. Lighting technicians need a good working knowledge of other departments within the theatre, stage, film or studio environments in which they work. These skills can be learned at drama schools, which provide training in stage electrics, lighting design and sound. For film and television work, individual course accreditation in certain subject areas is currently being piloted. A network of Screen Academies and a Film Business Academy have been approved by Skillset as centres of excellence in education and training for film.

    Further information is available on their website www. Once qualified as electricians, most training for lighting technicians takes place on the job.

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    Some specialist courses in lighting design are available see www. The BBC offers training schemes covering a broad range of technical subjects. As the equipment used in, and regulations relating to, working with electricity are continually changing, lighting technicians must be prepared to undertake additional training throughout their careers to keep their knowledge up to date.

    Home Theater Lighting Guide 2018 – Everything You Should Know

    Laboratory technicians carry out routine laboratory tests and perform a variety of technical support functions to help scientists, technologists and others with their work. They can work in research and development, scientific analysis and testing, education and manufacturing. They are employed in a wide range of scientific fields which affect almost every aspect of our lives. Career progression for lighting technicians depends on building up skills and gaining greater experience to establish their reputation. With experience and further qualifications some develop their careers by moving into lighting design and eventually becoming lighting directors.

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    Working in the Theatre: Lighting Design

    Copyright Input Youth - All rights reserved. Officially called the electrical lighting technician ELT , or the rigging electrical lighting technician RELT , the technician is also known as set lighting technician, lamp operator, electrician, electric, spark or juicer. The lighting technicians on a motion picture set handle all of the electrical needs as well as place and focus all of the lighting under the direction of the gaffer chief lighting technician.

    Hours of work also vary.