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What is the Difference Between BCS and BDC? | IT Pro

Microsoft SharePoint experts provide reviews, comparisons and opinions to assist clients in selecting the right collaboration software. Email Print. December 21st, SICG 3 comments. On the Operation Properties page, click Next if there are any errors, such as a read only table, they would be indicated here On the Parameters Configuration page, you will need to define the Identifier for this table basically the key to the table — click Customer ID and then click Map to Identifier: NOTE: Notice the Office Property drop down — this is how you can map, field for field, the a SharePoint standard type i.

Tasks Click Finish to create the operations if you click Next, you can specify filters for the data, i.

Designer will prompt you to save the external type, click Yes: Next Designer will prompt you to specify the SharePoint list information — set the name and description as shown: NOTE: You can optionally create an InfoPath form to replace the standard SharePoint list form if desired. After adding, return to SharePoint and refresh — all should be good!

You correct this doing the following: Open up the Central Administration site Under the Application Management section, click Manage service applications: Find the BCS service in use — click next to the name to select it the whole line will be selected : Using the Ribbon, check both the Administrators and the Permissions: Make sure the Farm Account and any other appropriate accounts that should have access is included under the Administrators.

Under the Permissions, make sure that the Farm Account and the account to use when accessing the data source are listed. To correct, you need to grant the account in question access to the database s and to the BCS system if necessary.

From the Error page, get the correlation error displayed. It is usually easier to simply open the log file with Notepad — you can however, use the ULS Log Viewer which provides a user interface for the log items.

Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010: Business Connectivity Services

Either way, use the Correlation number as a search key usually just the first part of the number is best before the first dash. To correct, you need to grant the account in question access to the database s. T says:. July 11, at pm.

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David M Sterling says:. August 15, at pm. John says:. This is extremely powerful for an organization since a huge amount of time is wasted by employees trying to find content and then duplicating content if it cannot be found.

1. Database Configuration

A profile page can be created as the landing page from a search result. When you click the search result, you would be the Lightning Tools company name and address details as well as any other data from related tables whereby their is an association. Therefore you may also see Orders, and Order Details if Lightning Tools had placed an order with your organization. If you are using a hybrid Search between SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online, this becomes extremely powerful since you will be able to surface external data on-premises within the cloud via hybrid search.

The BDC Web Parts provide a read only view of external data within a web part that may be added to a SharePoint page to create a dashboard of data.

SharePoint 2010 - Business Connectivity Services Configuration

But upon selecting the row, more detail is shown to include Telephone, Address and Email Address. As mentioned in the opening paragraph of this blog post, Business Connectivity Services is available through most of the Microsoft Office Client suite. In order to create the connection to the External Data Source, you need to create what is known as an External Content Type.

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The External Content Type describes the table of data that you are connecting to. Each of the fields are strongly typed, and a number of methods make up the operation of Business Connectivity Services.

Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint

Start reading. Create a central hub for your business data with SharePoint Access data from applications and databases using Business Connectivity Services Create external lists in SharePoint to display your business data Build dashboards to present charts and key performance indicators Use business information offline with Microsoft Office applications Create custom SharePoint applications to insert, modify, and delete business data Populate SharePoint user profiles with information from several sources Build Business Connectivity Service solutions in SharePoint Online.

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