Postcards from the Cinema

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Long-awaited, this is the first book-length translation of Daney's work, testimony to a life lived with a fierce love of film. Serge Daney was a writer and eventually editor-in-chief for the highly influential film journal Cahiers du cinema. He went on to write for the newspaper Liberation, and founded the film journal Trafic.

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Translated from the French by Paul Grant. Grand Eagle Retail is the ideal place for all your shopping needs!

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Postcards From The Cinema

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“Postcards from the Cinema: Des Glaneuses” by Kate Zambreno

Returns must be postmarked within 4 business days of authorisation and must be in resellable condition. Not really, and yet the above comment comes surrounded by observations on the idea of friendship. This link between criticism and friendship is especially pertinent if we think of what is at the heart of the book. He expected this to be, it would seem, a rallying call, where a writer who took a mediocre filmmaker to task would have the backing of the critical world.

Serge never missed an opportunity to come back to it.

Yet there is perhaps a paradox at work here: Daney expected no great attachments but a pragmatic sense of loyalty. Daney was interested in friendships as intense affiliations. But was Daney not a critic who wanted, through his pugnacious, prejudicial style, to create friends and enemies?

Van Sant enters the inner circle and Zeffirelli gets booted into outer space. This is also the last will and testament of a dying man.

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Some would claim this stance-taking led to the irresponsible. Daney seemed much more interested in eating than tasting , and maybe what comes through most strongly in the book is this idea of the critic given the mythological gusto of the artist. This is something academic criticism tends to have little interest in. We disembody the thinker from the thought.

Serge Daney in English: Postcards from the cinema

To purchase this slim volume, Postcards from the Cinema , is part of that very process of friendship. Postcards from the Cinema , by Serge Daney, trans. Paul Grant, Berg Publishers, Oxford,